What’s my angle? I’m looking for a new bike to ride and a full squish is topping my list. Once again the summer rains have taken their toll on the dirt, and the roots have prevailed, a plush suspension would be nice. My current rig is steel, stiff, has no gears and honestly, pretty damn impressive. It’s not going anywhere.

Enter the SCOTT SPARK 940. The boys over at Chain Reaction lent me this bad boy for the weekend (for a small nominal fee of course). I’m not going to break it all down, mainly because I took it easy on the bike. It’s not mine, dude.

After kicking the tires for a bit, the highlights go like this:

The squish on this bike is sick! With the TwinLoc System and the Syncros Dropper 2.0 working together, the ride was stiff when it needed to be and fluffy on the drops. Fun fluffy, not that out of control send you into a tree fluffy. It’s got the FOX 34 Float up-front and the FOX NUDE EVOL sitting under your bum. Fluffy.

Going from a single speed to a 12×1 was pleasant. The Sram GX / Eagle drivetrain was buttery, but It got a little wonky towards the end of the ride, nothing serious, a little nudge on the shifter took care of it every time. I attribute it to cable stretch. If I’ve got gears, I’m going to use them all, so I worked that shifter like a boss! Streeeeeetch.

The frame didn’t wiggle it didn’t shake, even under the pressures that I create.* The 940 comes equipped with the Spark 3 Alloy SL frame. It’s hydroformed, and it’s tapered, its got all that stuff. The front angle is a lot steeper than my steel stead, but I didn’t hate it. Turns are smooth, especially on those steep rights. The handlebars are enormous though. Western Star** enormous.

Additional goods: Shimano MT500 brakes, safety yellow paint scheme, the dropper post. All around strong build.

Things I’ll change before too long: The tires, the bars, the saddle.

That’s it!

Chain Reaction Gainesville made it happen: Chain Reaction Bike Shop in Gainesville, Florida

Scott made the bike: Scott Bikes

The bike:…/product/scott-spark-940-bike…

* That was a dope little rhyme, wasn’t it?
** Semi manufacturer

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